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[NI应用软件] NI Circuit Design Suite 10.1 Pro Win32Eng/Ger/Jpn NI电路设计套件10.1专业版

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    NI Circuit Design Suite 10.1 Pro Win32Eng/Ger/Jpn NI电路设计套件10.1专业版

    Circuit Design Suite(CDS)电路设计套件


    文件名: NI_Circuit_Design_Suite_10_1_Pro.zip
    文件大小: 302636588 字节 (288.62 MB)
    修改日期: 2012-10-23 23:28
    MD5: 9c3370d21b84ad18416e1196642d3d5c
    SHA1: 68732f2420f643aa3ebfd736212a3712443ec01d
    SHA256: 239da25d8ae9146794bfebbac16540e02427ec101252390a184cf04176051f8f
    CRC32: e14026f7

    CDS10.1Pro.txt (571 Bytes, 下载次数: 0, 售价: 10 快钱)

    NI Circuit Design Suite 10.1 Readme for Windows
    April 2008
    This file contains important last-minute information about Circuit Design Suite 10.1 for Windows, including installation issues, compatibility issues, bugs fixed in Circuit Design Suite 10.1, and changes from Circuit Design Suite 10.0.1. Refer to the NI Circuit Design Suite Release Notes for a complete list of new features in Circuit Design Suite 10.1. You can access this document by selecting Help»Release Notes in Multisim or Ultiboard or navigating to Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Circuit Design Suite 10.1»Documentation»Release Notes.
    Refer to the Getting Started with NI Circuit Design Suite manual for information about getting started with Circuit Design Suite. You can access this PDF from Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Circuit Design Suite 10.1»Documentation»Getting Started.
    Supported Platforms
    Installing Circuit Design Suite 10.1
    Known Issues
    Bug Fixes
    Supported Platforms
    Circuit Design Suite 10.1 supports Windows Vista/XP/2000 32-bit editions and Windows Vista 64-bit edition. Circuit Design Suite 10.1 does not support Windows NT/Me/98/95, or Windows XP x64.
    Installing Circuit Design Suite 10.1Installing Multiple Versions
    Circuit Design Suite 10.1 does not upgrade previous versions of Circuit Design Suite. This means that Circuit Design Suite 10.1 can be installed side-by-side with previous versions of Multisim/Ultiboard on the same system. However, you cannot install Circuit Design Suite 10.1 in the same directory as a another version of Multisim/Ultiboard. In order to install Circuit Design Suite 10.1 into a directory that contains another version of Multisim/Ultiboard, you must uninstall the other version of Multisim/Ultiboard first.
    Installing Circuit Design Suite Silently
    You can install Circuit Design Suite without viewing any installation dialog boxes. Refer to the silent_install.txt file in the Supportfiles directory in the Circuit Design Suite distribution for more information about installing Circuit Design Suite silently.
    Archiving Circuit Design Suite databases
    National Instruments recommends that you regularly back up the files created within the Multisim and Ultiboard components of NI Circuit Design Suite. Additionally, you should back up internal files that store user-created data, such as database components. For more information about which files to backup and where to find them, refer to the Help.
    Uninstalling Circuit Design Suite will not remove user data. For more information about the locations of user database and configuration files, refer to the Archiving Data Help topic
    Known IssuesLabVIEW
    • LabVIEW functionality (LabVIEW instruments and grapher interpolation) will not work if the installation path uses characters that are not native to the "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting, available by selecting Start»Control Panel»Regional and Language Options and selecting the Advanced tab. LabVIEW functionality works for Unicode characters that are native to this setting.
    Windows Vista
    • You cannot install Circuit Design Suite 10.1 on Windows Vista Starter edition.
    • MultiVHDL will not install on Windows Vista.
    Circuit Design Suite
    • 3D Previews of circuits and designs do not work on Windows Vista if themes are enabled. The workaround is to disable theming on Windows Vista.
    • Multisim and Ultiboard leak GDI resource handles when used over extended periods of time, eventually leading to unpredictable user interface behavior and crashes. This is an issue with MFC applications running on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003. For more information and workarounds, refer to KB 4JREGSXL:Multisim or Ultiboard Leaking GDI Resource Handles
    • The Database Manager in Multisim no longer allows sorting the component list by clicking on the user field column headings.
    • The C command "interrupt" does not behave as expected when programming a PIC in Multisim. For more information, refer to KB 4K9A8O5B:The C command "interrupt" does not behave as expected when programming a PIC in Multisim.
    • The Microchip MPASM(TM) Assembler is not installed with the Pro Base, Pro Full and Power Pro versions of the product. Before you attempt to build PIC assembly MCU projects with the above listed versions of Multisim, please contact National Instruments at ewbsupport@ni.com for more information.
    Bug Fixes
    The following is a subset of the issues fixed between Circuit Design Suite 10.0.1 and Circuit Design Suite 10.1.
    Bug IDDescription
    104001Deleting label in description box editor with delete key does not delete the label correctly.
    105731The 4060 CMOS does not simulate correctly under certain conditions.
    105751The footprint of multisection components cannot be edited after being placed on a schematic.
    105787When graphing multiple simulations, the post processor might not select the correct time step.
    106456The spreadsheet view assigns components to non-existent variant under certain conditions.
    107063The lamp indicator burn out behavior is incorrect.
    107287Some exported Fourier Analysis results are interpreted as text instead of numbers.
    107528The 74390 Counter component does not simulate correctly.
    107798Back annotation does not work if the Refdes does not follow a specific format.
    107897Certain vacuum tube models do not simulate correctly.
    107972Monte Carlo and Worst Case analyses do not remember custom tolerances between runs.
    107991The footprint of an MCU component cannot be changed via it's property pages.
    108124Digital components cannot be placed within .SUBCKT statements.
    108331Interactive switches from MSM files cannot be controlled interactively.
    108338The Network Analyzer cannot load saved settings.
    108349The ground net can be renamed using the spreadsheet view.
    108356Disabling database editing does not prevent saving to the database using menu options.
    108375Setting a restriction on Noise Figure Analysis incorrectly sets the restriction for Batched Analysis.
    108383Network analyzer pin radio buttons never show that the pins are connected.
    108387Replace functionality does not work in the Description Box Editor.
    108444"Pause at the next instruction boundary" does not work for the first simulation after opening a MCU project.
    108691In Multisim, after loading a file containing placed breadboard components, the components are sometimes missing the top surface.
    108811Multisim does not check for duplicate layer names against the fixed layer names.
    108815When printing instruments, the page header with the date, page numbers, and text instrument map are not translated to the selected language.
    108820Using undo after deleting a component will revert the component's refdes.
    108906The workspace "Save as" default check box option in Multisim has no effect.
    108974The coefficient values for the Transfer Function Block get jumbled if the values are sorted by clicking on the Value column.
    108980The control that allows setting the bus width incorrectly validates the bus width value.
    108986The transconductance for a Voltage Controlled Current Source in Multisim cannot be negative.
    108997Trace width min and width max in the Nets tab under the spreadsheet view allow entering invalid characters.
    109028Disabling one database in the global restrictions incorrectly disables the replace button in component properties.
    109077The reports spreadsheet and graph do not redraw when scrolling.
    109094Reverting from the Simplified version in the Educational version of Multisim is not possible.
    109103Hitting the Enter key when viewing the Customize User Interface dialog box can lock Multisim in customization mode.
    109170MOSFET "L" and "W" parameters are not accepted in .MODEL statement.
    109171Multisim crashes if a component's model is changed via the spreadsheet view.
    109190Setting the Agilent function generator output to square incorrectly limits the offset voltage.
    109207Exporting to PADS incorrectly sets the Via to Trace clearance.
    109235The Print button is disabled in the Description Box editor view.
    109267Undo does not work correctly after performing a "Save As" operation on the circuit.
    109308Placing subcircuit connectors in the student edition of Multisim is incorrectly not allowed.
    109389Back annotating works incorrectly for net widths.
    109400Instruments are not printed correctly when printing using Adobe Distiller 8.1.
    109426The Ohmmeter cannot be changed to DMM mode during simulation.
    109427The Database Manager does not allow multi-letter prefixes for the RefDes definition for families.
    109455Assigning more than one Symbol Pin to the same Model Node fails silently.
    109534Faults of type 'short' do not behave correctly when used in sub- circuits or hierarchical blocks.
    109540Data entered into the table for a PWL source is not committed when the Enter key is pressed.
    109577Rotating or flipping components with an invisible RefDes label incorrectly repositions the label.
    109597The busline name with spaces is not truncated when defining bus names with the Bus Entry Connect dialog.
    109610The filter wizard generates an incorrect circuit for certain cases of Chebyshev filter.
    109618The 0.5 AMP Fuse component does not function correctly.
    109886Undoing a placed hierarchical connector in subcircuit creates a duplicate pin.
    109914The POLYNOMIAL_VOLTAGE source sometimes discards coefficient values.
    110000Using the "Copy to..." option for models in multisection parts does not work correctly.
    110075The component attributes are not being displayed on a circuit if the locale is set to German.
    110133Custom simulation settings are not being used if simulation is performed using the Multisim Automation Interface.
    110233Duplicate printing occurs from the description box editor view
    110411When replacing an RLC component, the new component cannot be placed exactly in the old location on the schematic
    109482Locking/unlocking layer in a schematic file will not mark the file as changed.
    110215Key assignment for certain components is changed to the Space key whenever the S key is first assigned.
    110209Trace Width Analysis is not reporting pin numbers correctly.
    110661VOLTAGE_CONTROLLED_CAPACITOR_VIRTUAL and INDUCTOR are missing from the component database.
    110545Logic analyzer instrument does not load all of the saved data.
    110508Restoring a project does not refresh the project view in the design toolbox.
    110686Component 2N7000_SILI has incorrect footprint mapping.
    110687Component 2SC1815 has incorrect footprint mapping.
    110413Virtual connections to Off-Page Connectors are not being allowed.
    110670Multisim does not support inductor .model statements.
    110519Using undo on a MCU schematic file will not prompt users to save the circuit upon exiting Multisim.
    111358The footprint for TSSOP-48 is missing pins in Multisim.
    111247Using the Merge Bus option with a component and a bus crashes Multisim.
    111215Multisim allows duplicate reference designators in a circuit in some cases.
    111036Multisim crashes when the Replace By Subcircuit option is used to create a subcircuit that has the same name as a previously deleted subcircuit.
    110741Buses that connect digital and analog components through subcircuit connections cause Multisim to crash.
    110437ALTERA_FLBGA672_1.0 footprint does not have enough pins in "Standard Pinout" column.
    108084Unable to restore a Multisim project backup using built in version control options.
    109644Noise Density Plot does not show traces in some cases.
    109611Transfer function component returns incorrect results when used with Transient analysis.
    109428Using undo in a MCU project circuit will remove the MCU project from the design toolbox in some cases.
    109263TQPQ64 is missing pin 64.
    109045The clear pin does not work correctly for the 74LS163N.
    108864Editing subcircuit symbol automatically toggles certain properties.
    109202Trace width analysis output does not use the units specified in the PCB Units option in the sheet properties.
    111071Trace Width settings should be shared by the same nets across different pages.
    110998Bidirectional component connections not working correctly in 3D view.
    110941Component editor looses model mapping information under certain conditions.
    108677The symbol for the NO push-button symbol is incorrect.
    108609Cancelling MCU placement on a circuit can make the circuit end up in a bad state under certain conditions.
    111313Performing Undo/Redo in a circuit can reset the settings for LabVIEW instruments in some cases.
    103964Placing a Power Plane covers a cutout on a board.
    105700Exporting Gerber files with very long path/file names may overwrite the exported files.
    105795Ultiboard is not drawing pins on all the layers correctly in Autorouter Mode.
    105810A netlist does not import correctly into Ultiboard if a required part contained errors.
    106200Designs with reserved file system characters do not export the NC drill file.
    106729The Default Layout Colors incorrectly allows user modification.
    106804Resizing a comment in Ultiboard can sometimes cause the comment to become uneditable.
    107213Printing to large paper sizes appears to freeze Ultiboard on computers with limited RAM.
    107442Ultiboard will not save a backup if a file with the name of the backup already exists under some circumstances.
    107512The selection filter does not save it's state between different sessions of Ultiboard.
    107859Via layers cannot be changed after placing a via.
    107860The default path changes when exporting NC drill files.
    107868Trace shoving does not check whether two nets belong to the same net group before moving them.
    107921Line segments sometimes become disconnected when moving a trace
    107934The Results pane search has extra tabs in the search results text if nothing is found on a previous search.
    107939Searching for part of text does not work in Ultiboard.
    107949Moving between steps in the Part Wizard sometimes changes the pad size.
    107966Ultiboard sometimes crashes while showing 3D views.
    107997Ultiboard crashes after undoing then redoing the Renumber Parts operation.
    108005Ultiboard might crash if a tooltip was showing when a design was closed.
    108006The first DRC check performed when loading file is not correct.
    108040Selecting parts in the Database Manager may add layers to a design.
    108054After exporting a bill of materials, Ultiboard prevents modification of the destination folder.
    108055Locking a trace also locks any components associated with the trace's net.
    108073Forward annotating after grouping parts in Ultiboard creates duplicate parts in Ultiboard.
    108102Some dialogs do not remember the last selected tab.
    108122The snap to grid check box should be unchecked by default on the Enter coordinate dialog.
    108135SVG export does not export THT pads correctly.
    108196The board outline in Ultiboard erroneously acts as a copper object that can connect nets.
    108197Thermal reliefs on pads in copper areas are sometimes incorrect.
    108208Undoing an action in Ultiboard incorrectly undoes the change in the back annotation log.
    108246Attributes on the silkscreen bottom layer with Windows font do not show correctly when exported to Gerber format.
    108248Ultiboard complains about the board outline being incomplete while drawing the board outline via coordinates.
    108266Changing the layer for an attribute does not work.
    108291Adding copper bottom build-up layers introduces DRC errors in some cases.
    108337Changing a database password does not prompt for an old password before changing it to the new password.
    108392Copper areas sometimes do not void correctly.
    108409Exported SVG cannot be viewed with some 3rd party viewers.
    108420High speed changes are discarded if the selected net is changed before clicking OK.
    108427Net names can be incorrectly modified via the spreadsheet view in Ultiboard.
    108428Entering a trace clearance through the spreadsheet sets an incorrect clearance.
    108731Importing a DDF file in Ultiboard does not remember the locked status of a component.
    108732Text is not rotated correctly when importing DDF files.
    108851The copper area does not connect with ground under certain conditions.
    108860Ultiboard does not print correctly if the printer is configured to use a high DPI setting.
    108931A bitmap in a netbridge is drawn in white instead of being drawn in the same color as copper
    108933Printing with the fit to page option does not work correctly in some cases.
    108934Bitmaps placed on a copper layer do not have clearances.
    108937If a copper trace overlaps a board outline, it becomes unmovable.
    108972The Via clearances are not being saved correctly using the General tab in the Via property pages or the Via spreadsheet tab.
    109016A layer name containing quotes generates invalid SVG output.
    109023The solder paste is incorrect when exporting rounded rectangle pads.
    109027Nesting groups results in pads becoming unconnected.
    109091Some print settings are not retained between printing sessions.
    109095Zooming to an area in rapid succession in Ultiboard causes the application to crash.
    109147Ultiboard does not export slot holes correctly when exporting as an NC Drill file.
    109184Adding an attribute to a new hole placed on a design that has nothing else on it causes Ultiboard to crash.
    109193The component wizard does not allow you to type in certain parameters correctly.
    109302Grouped components are not part of an exported part centroid.
    109420Reverting changes that create duplicate pin names does not behave correctly.
    109422The visibility settings of layers are not saved correctly in some cases.
    109425Single-sided boards are not being routed correctly with the autorouter.
    109430Rectangular drill holes are showing up as circular in printouts.
    109478Some columns in the spreadsheet view do not allow changing all the values for that column at the same time.
    109486The autorouter generates an error when you have a round copper circle on the copper top.
    109554Zooming in does not center the view to the mouse cursor in some cases.
    109579Placing a blind via directly below a trace will cut out that trace when printing.
    109717Component rotations do not behave correctly if a polar grid is used for the design.
    109906Units in the PCB Properties Pad/Vias tab are not being saved correctly in some cases.
    110158The lists of Nets are not sorted in the Netlist Editor dialog.
    110285Copying and pasting a component with a Unicode RefDes does not paste the RefDes correctly.
    110291Flipping a copper area horizontally or vertically swaps the layer instead.
    110317Some layers do not show up correctly in the Design Toolbox layers tab in some cases.
    110360The through hole pad properties field validated data while typing.
    109932Browsing the design is slow if a large bitmap was placed on the design.
    110659Opening existing Ultiboard projects resets the PCB units to nm.
    109175Gerber D does not export files correctly in some cases.
    110436Ultiboard does not allow setting polar grid smaller than 1 degree.
    109416Autoplacing with part group in multiple keep-in areas puts Ultiboard in an unrecoverable state
    111279Selecting show/hide height in 3D view with no design open will crash Ultiboard
    110790DRC check working incorrectly for objects on the copper bottom layer.
    1107033D IGES exports incorrectly in some cases.
    111011Ultiboard crashes if autorouting with the Netlist Editor left open.
    110877Autorouter ignores trace length specifications.
    109355Follow Me router does not use the user defined trace size.
    110332Footprint does not show up when replaced using Change Shapes option.
    108912Setting the default favorite layer does not work for Mechanical CAD patterns.
    110464HTML exports from Ultiboard do not escape reserved HTML characters.
    110667Values in the Via Cost Factor field are not displayed correctly.
    110674Design Toolbox and Spreadsheet View are shown when Autorouting regardless of visibility status.
    110875Export to Excel from the Spreadsheet view fails in some cases.
    110408Group replica place does not clone the location of attributes.
    110254SVG html export did not work correctly if the filename contained reserved html characters.
    110537Horizontal and vertical swap are swapped in the footprint editor.
    109161Keep-out area saved with a component does not work correctly in some cases.
    109022The footprint SOT-223 maps incorrectly from Multisim to Ultiboard.
    108883Ultiboard does not correctly inform the user about the type of vias being placed.
    110729Values in build-up edit boxes are not displayed correctly.
    108936Copying and pasting an image in Ultiboard corrupts the Windows clipboard.
    1107023D preview and 3D view are not working correctly with board outline holes.
    110536Entering data for the Via pad diameter without using the up/down arrows behaves erratically.
    110789DRC error does not report the name of the layer that the object is on.
    1107453D IGES is not exporting tops and bottoms of the parts.
    110856Autorouter fails with a vague error in some cases.
    110844DRC errors for a picture placed on a copper layer are not being reported correctly.
    110823Large circles are not drawn correctly in Ultiboard.
    110970SVG exports from Ultiboard do not represent circles as circle elements.
    110893The "Use Multiple Clearances" setting in the PCB properties does not behave as expected.
    110736In Ultiboard, Group Editor/Bus Groups Properties button does nothing.

    © 2008 National Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Under the copyright laws, this publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storing in an information retrieval system, or translating, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of National Instruments Corporation.
    National Instruments, NI, ni.com, and LabVIEW are trademarks of National Instruments Corporation. Ultiboard is a registered trademark and Multisim and Electronics Workbench are trademarks of Electronics Workbench. Refer to the Terms of Use section on ni.com/legal for more information about National Instruments trademarks.
    Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.
    For patents covering National Instruments products, refer to the appropriate location: the patents.txt file on your CD, or www.ni.com/patents.

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