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[NI应用软件] NI RFIC Test Software 21.0.1 x64Win10 64bitEng NI-RFIC测试软件21.0.1

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    Windows系统下(Linux和MAC系统下请自行了解清楚)NI的各种软件、模块、工具包、驱动程序,使用NI许可证管理器来激活的,绝大部分的都可以使用NI Lincense Activator来激活,以下链接可下载:
    NI序列号Serial Number生成激活工具NI License Activator,LabVIEW/VBAI/VDM/VAS等软件模块工具包破解工具不限版本


    NI RFIC Test Software 21.0.1 x64Win10 64bitEng NI-RFIC测试软件21.0.1

    RFIC测试软件简化了宽带RF IC的特性分析。
    RFIC测试软件是一款应用软件,可帮助您分析功率放大器(PA)和前端模块(FEM)等RFIC的特性。如果要对PA进行线性化,有多种针对特定应用的数字预失真(DPD)算法可供选择,例如查找表(LUT)、记忆多项式(MP)和广义记忆多项式(GMP)。此外,您还可以集成并运行NI联盟伙伴的线性化算法或技术。当使用像PXI矢量信号收发仪这样的NI仪器时,您还可以使用该软件来分析包络跟踪(ET)等功率效率优化技术。您可以使用GUI来保存手动配置和执行,以便重复使用这些配置和执行或与其他测试平台共享。National Instruments Alliance Partner(NI联盟伙伴)是独立于NI的商业实体,与NI之间不存在代理、合伙或合资关系。

    Windows 10 64-bit
    Windows Server 2016 64-bit
    Windows Server 2019 64-bit
    文件大小: 750229504 字节 (715.47 MB)
    修改日期: 2021-09-24 15:45
    MD5: 5f6c40eb771b38f69b3664bbb7220722(官方正确)
    SHA1: 9d6a44aee384594dfe7ca0717cff14360e1523a2
    SHA256: e4a38cc23fb489468d8d2076716d390a465e2dbd7f133364acd00262c694e2da
    CRC32: 4e496e95

    RFICts21.0.1.txt (600 Bytes, 下载次数: 0, 售价: 10 快钱)

    NI RFIC Test Software 21.0 Readme
    August 2021
    This file contains installation instructions and compatibility information for RFIC Test Software 21.0.
    You can find more release information on ni.com.
    • RFIC Test Software Release Notes: Known issues, bugs fixed since the last release, and other notes about this release

    System Requirements
    Supported Operating Systems
    Application Software Support
    Driver and Add-On Requirements
    Installation Instructions
    Product Security and Critical Updates
    New Features
    Supported Hardware
    Accessing the APIs
    Finding Examples
    Accessing the Help
    Automating the Installation of NI Products
    Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 10
    Unsupported Windows Operating Systems
    Legal Information

    RFIC Test Software enables you to explore testing advanced RF integrated circuit (RFIC) devices featuring envelope tracking (ET), digital predistortion (DPD), and hardware-accelerated power servoing. Available measurements include adjacent channel power (ACP), spectral emission mask (SEM), error vector magnitude (EVM), AM-to-AM, and AM-to-PM. To set up measurements for your device, use the installed examples or the RFIC Test Soft Front Panel (SFP).
    The getting started guide for your device provides information about how to install, configure, test, and begin using your hardware.
    System Requirements
    RFIC Test Software 21.0 has the following minimum requirements:
    • Processor—Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • 1 GB RAM*
    • A screen resolution of 1,024 x 768 with 256 colors
    NI recommends the following requirements:
    • Processor—Intel i5 or equivalent
    • 4 GB RAM*
    • A screen resolution of 1,600 x 1,200
    * Depending on the amount of data acquired and/or processed a larger amount of memory may be required.
    Note  Guest accounts are not supported under any OS.
    Supported Operating Systems
    RFIC Test Software 21.0 supports Windows 10 (64-bit).
    Note  Refer to Unsupported Windows Operating Systems for more information about support for Microsoft Windows OSes.
    Application Software Support
    RFIC Test Software 21.0 supports the following application software versions, including service packs. If you are not using NI application software, refer to Microsoft Visual Studio Support.
    Note  Install application software, such as LabVIEW or Microsoft Visual Studio, before installing RFIC Test Software. To add support for application software installed after installing RFIC Test Software, modify your RFIC Test Software installation or launch the RFIC Test Software installer again.
    Application Software
    Versions Supported by RFIC Test Software
    LabVIEW (64-bit only)2017, 2017 SP1, 2018, 2018 SP1, 2019, 2019 SP1, 2020, and 2020 SP1
    Microsoft Visual Studio2017 and later
    Note  RFIC Test Software will not operate correctly without the service packs previously mentioned.
    Microsoft Visual Studio Support
    If you are using the RFIC Test Software .NET Class Library, .NET Framework 4.5 (minimum) is required.
    To use the .NET API, you must install the .NET class libraries or the .NET wrapper in addition to the NI device driver. For information about versions of the .NET Framework and the drivers each supports, as well as the download location of the installer files, refer to .NET Resources for NI Hardware and Software.
    Driver and Add-On Requirements
    RFIC Test Software requires the following driver and add-on versions:
    • NI-RFSG 20.7
    • NI-RFSA 20.7
    • NI-FGEN 20.0
    • NI-DCPower 20.7
    • NI-SCOPE 20.7
    • NI-RFmx SpecAn 20.7
    • NI-RFmx Demod 20.7
    • NI-RFmx LTE 20.71
    • NI-RFmx NR 20.71
    • NI-RFmx WLAN 20.71
    • NI-RFSG Playback Library 20.7
    • (Optional) NI-SWITCH 19.02
    • (Optional) NI-Digital Pattern Driver 19.0.1 or 20.63
    • (Optional) Semiconductor Module Add-On for InstrumentStudio 20203
    • (Optional) Single-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer 1.6 or later⁴
    • (Optional) Dual-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer 2.0 or later⁴
    1 Installation and licensing are only required for standard-specific measurements.
    2 Required to use the PXI-2599 PXI RF Relay Module to connect the PXIe-5841/5840 and the PXIe-5831/5830 VSTs.
    3 Required to control DUTs that use the MIPI RF front-end (RFFE) or SPI hardware protocol.
    ⁴ Requires a valid license.
    Note  The run-time versions of these products are sufficient to run the RFIC Test SFP.
    Refer to the readme of each driver and add-on for more information about system requirements, installation instructions, and activation.
    Installation Instructions
    Download the RFIC Test Software installer from ni.com/downloads. NI software includes NI Package Manager to handle the installation. Refer to the NI Package Manager Manual for more information about installing, removing, and upgrading NI software using NI Package Manager.
    Activation Notice
    The following table lists the measurements and features included in the RFIC Test Software Base and Professional versions. You must have a valid license to activate RFIC Test Software Professional. Use the serial number that is included with your software to activate RFIC Test Software Professional. For more information about activation, refer to NI Software Activation.
    Measurement and Feature
    RFIC Test Software Base
    RFIC Test Software Professional
    General measurements
    Software-based power servo
    Excludes power meter-based servo
    Hardware-accelerated power servo
    Transmission power (TXP)
    Adjacent channel power (ACP)
    Modulation accuracy (ModAcc - including EVM)
    Spectral emission mask (SEM)
    AM-to-AM (AMAM) and AM-to-PM (AMPM)
    Digital predistortion (DPD)
    Load pull
    Single point only, excludes sweeping
    Power added efficiency (PAE)
    Dynamic EVM (DEVM)
    Envelope tracking (ET)
    Crest factor reduction (pre-DPD and post-DPD)
    Swept measurements (power, frequency, and load pull)
    Power sweeping only
    Complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF)
    Routing triggers
    Product Security and Critical Updates
    Visit ni.com/security to view and subscribe to receive security notifications about NI products. For information about critical updates from NI, refer to Available Critical and Security Updates for NI Software.
    New Features
    RFIC Test Software 21.0 includes the following new features:
    • Support for testing WLAN measurements across multiple frequency bands
    • Support for controlling DUTs that use MIPI RFFE and SPI hardware protocols. Supports both EVM and dynamic EVM measurements.
    • Support for enabling external trigger functionality for power meters.
    • Support for exporting triggers from the PXIe-1095 chassis backplane with Timing and Synchronization upgrade
    • Support for the PXIe-5820 as a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator.
    • Cross-Correlation EVM Optimization Toolkit1
    • Enhancements to load pull tuner measurements
    1 The Cross-Correlation EVM Optimization Toolkit activates with either the Cross-Correlation EVM Optimization Toolkit license or RFIC Test Software Professional.
    Supported Hardware
    The following table details the hardware models supported in RFIC Test Software 21.0.
    Hardware Product
    Hardware Model
    Vector Signal TransceiverPXIe-5830Hardware-accelerated power servoing
    PXIe-5820Envelope waveform generation when testing ET DUTs
    Waveform GeneratorPXIe-5451Envelope waveform generation when testing ET DUTs

    Note  For DEVM measurements, use the PXIe-5820.
    • PAE measurements
    • (Optional) Recommended for envelope waveform/delay analysis when testing ET DUTs
    Source Measure UnitPXIe-4139Vcc sourcing and system PAE measurements
    Power MeterUSB-5681
    • DUT output power monitoring
    • Software power servoing

    Note  Instrument drivers for R&S®NRP-Z are used for R&S® power sensors. R&S®NRP50S is verified.
    Relay ModulePXI-2599For switching between VSTs on frequency ranges for WLAN measurements.
    Digital Pattern InstrumentPXIe-6571For controlling DUTs using the MIPI RFFE or SPI hardware protocol.
    Accessing the APIsLabVIEW
    ETSync VIs are available in LabVIEW from the Functions»Addons»ET palette.
    Power Servo VIs are available in LabVIEW from the Functions»User Libraries»NI Power Servoing IP palette.
    NanoSemi Linearizer VIs and NanoSemi Dual Band VIs are available in LabVIEW from the Functions»User Libraries»NanoSemi Linearizer and NanoSemi Dual Band palettes, respectively.
    .NET Framework
    You can use the ETSync .NET Class library by adding a reference to niETSync.cs, niETUtil.cs, and niFGEN.cs from C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\National Instruments\NI-ETSync\DotNET Wrappers\CS\ and any dependent class libraries from within the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio.
    You can use the Power Servo .NET Class library by adding a reference to niVSTPowerServo.cs, niRFSA.cs, and niInteropCommon.cs from C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\National Instruments\FPGA Power Servo\DotNET Wrappers\CS\ and any dependent class libraries from within the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio.
    You can use the ETSync C dynamically linked library by adding a reference to: Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Bin\niETSync_64.dll.
    You can use the Power Servo C dynamically linked library by adding a reference to: Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Bin\niVSTPowerServo_64.dll.
    RFIC Test SFP
    To launch the RFIC Test SFP, navigate to Start»National Instruments»RFIC Test Soft Front Panel.
    Finding Examples
    LabVIEW, .NET, and TestStand examples are available via the RFIC Test Automation Wizard, accessible from Start»National Instruments»RFIC Test Automation Wizard.
    Accessing the Help
    Refer to the RFIC Test Software User Manual (rfichelp.chm) located at Start»National Instruments»RFIC Documentation. The manual includes the following information:
    • RFIC Test Soft Front Panel information and examples
    • How to get started with the Test Automation Wizard
    • How to configure hardware for use with the ETSync API and reference for the ETSync VIs
    • Theory of operation information on power servoing and reference for the Power Servo VIs
    For information about your device, such as getting started, technical specifications, and calibration instructions, refer to the documentation for your device. For the most recent revisions of documentation and for newly released documentation, visit ni.com/manuals.
    Automating the Installation of NI Products
    You can automate the installation of most NI products using command-line arguments to suppress some or all of the installer user interface and dialog boxes.
    If the NI product you are installing uses Microsoft .NET 4.6.2, the .NET installer may run before any NI software installs and may require a reboot before the installation of NI software begins. To avoid a .NET reboot, install .NET 4.6.2 separately before you install NI software.
    For more information about automating the installation of NI products, refer to Automating an Installer in the NI Package Manager manual.
    Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 10
    Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system and features significant changes compared to previous versions. Windows 10 introduces several new capabilities and also combines features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8. For more information about NI support for Windows 10, refer to NI Product Compatibility for Microsoft Windows 10.
    Unsupported Windows Operating Systems
    RFIC Test Software no longer supports Windows Vista/XP/7/8.x, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, or any 32-bit Windows operating system. Versions of this product that ship after May 1, 2021, may not install or execute correctly on these operating systems. For detailed information about NI operating system support, visit https://www.ni.com/r/win32bitsupport.

    Legal Information
    © 2004–2021 National Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Under the copyright laws, this publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storing in an information retrieval system, or translating, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of National Instruments Corporation.
    NI respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. NI software is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Where NI software may be used to reproduce software or other materials belonging to others, you may use NI software only to reproduce materials that you may reproduce in accordance with the terms of any applicable license or other legal restriction.
    End-User License Agreements and Third-Party Legal Notices
    You can find end-user license agreements (EULAs) and third-party legal notices in the following locations after installation:
    • Notices are located in the \_Legal Information and directories.
    • EULAs are located in the \Shared\MDF\Legal\license directory.
    • Review \_Legal Information.txt for information on including legal information in installers built with NI products.
    U.S. Government Restricted Rights
    If you are an agency, department, or other entity of the United States Government ("Government"), the use, duplication, reproduction, release, modification, disclosure or transfer of the technical data included in this manual is governed by the Restricted Rights provisions under Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.227-14 for civilian agencies and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Section 252.227-7014 and 252.227-7015 for military agencies.
    IVI Foundation Copyright Notice
    Content from the IVI specifications reproduced with permission from the IVI Foundation.
    The IVI Foundation and its member companies make no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The IVI Foundation and its member companies shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.
    Refer to the NI Trademarks and Logo Guidelines at ni.com/trademarks for information on NI trademarks. Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.
    For patents covering the NI products/technology, refer to the appropriate location: Help» Patents in your software, the patents.txt file on your media, or the NI Patent Notice at ni.com/patents.


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