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[LV工具模块] NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Pro Beta Win32Eng/Ger/Jpn NI电路设计套件12.0专业版Beta版

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    Windows系统下(Linux和MAC系统下请自行了解清楚)NI的各种软件、模块、工具包、驱动程序,使用NI许可证管理器来激活的,绝大部分的都可以使用NI Lincense Activator来激活:NI序列号Serial Number生成激活工具NI License Activator,LabVIEW/VBAI/VDM/VAS等软件模块工具包破解工具不限版本http://pcmv.cn/thread-490-1-1.html


    NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Pro Beta Win32Eng/Ger/Jpn NI电路设计套件12.0专业版Beta版

    Circuit Design Suite(CDS)电路设计套件


    12.0Pro Beta
    文件大小: 556886688 字节 (531.09 MB)
    修改日期: 2011-10-13 03:49
    MD5: 40aaf17110726c10bf99aa0109174386
    SHA1: 79196c6fb86e59cd6e54bfd33bae3ec856ea3602
    SHA256: ad728d6ee34eaf515143c93da6b3ef94a6d37fa80680e9cd8dec908bb0b3ba62
    CRC32: aad4705a

    CDS12.0PRO - Beta.txt (625 Bytes, 下载次数: 0, 售价: 10 快钱)

    NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta Readme for Windows
    October 2011
    This file contains important last-minute information about Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta for Windows, including installation issues, compatibility issues and bugs fixed.
    Refer to the Getting Started with NI Circuit Design Suite manual for information about getting started with Circuit Design Suite. You can access this PDF from Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Circuit Design Suite 12.0»Documentation»Getting Started.
    Supported Platforms
    Installing Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta
    Known Issues
    Bug Fixes
    Supported Platforms
    Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta supports Windows Vista/XP 32-bit editions, Windows Vista 64-bit edition, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit editions, Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit). Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta does not support Windows NT/Me/98/95/2000, Windows XP x64, or the Windows Server non-R2 editions.
    Installing Circuit Design Suite 12.0 BetaInstalling Multiple Versions
    Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta installs side-by-side with previous versions of Circuit Design Suite.
    Installing Circuit Design Suite Silently
    You can install Circuit Design Suite without viewing any installation dialog boxes. Refer to the silent_install.txt file in the Supportfiles directory in the Circuit Design Suite distribution for more information about installing Circuit Design Suite silently.
    Archiving Circuit Design Suite databases
    National Instruments recommends that you regularly back up the files created within the Multisim and Ultiboard components of NI Circuit Design Suite. Additionally, you should back up internal files that store user-created data, such as database components. For more information about which files to backup and where to find them, refer to the Help.
    Uninstalling Circuit Design Suite will not remove user data. For more information about the locations of user database and configuration files, refer to the Archiving Data Help topic.
    Known IssuesLabVIEW
    • LabVIEW functionality (LabVIEW instruments and grapher interpolation) will not work if the installation path uses characters that are not native to the "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting, available by selecting Start»Control Panel»Regional and Language Options and selecting the Advanced tab. In the Vista OS, use the "Current language for non-Unicode programs:" setting in the Administrative tab. LabVIEW functionality works for Unicode characters that are native to this setting.
    Windows Vista
    • You cannot install Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta on Windows Vista Starter edition.
    Circuit Design Suite
    • Multisim and Ultiboard leak GDI resource handles when used over extended periods of time, eventually leading to unpredictable user interface behavior and crashes. This is an issue with MFC applications running on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003. For more information and workarounds, refer to KB 4JREGSXL:Multisim or Ultiboard Leaking GDI Resource Handles.
    Bug Fixes
    The following is a subset of the issues fixed between Circuit Design Suite 11.0.2 and Circuit Design Suite 12.0 Beta
    Multisim ( 41 )
    Bug IDDescription
    265284Breadboard wire color dialog not initialized properly after saving a file.
    265615When an MCU within a Hierarchical Block is replaced by a subcircuit, the circuit cannot be simulated.
    265831Multi section component model mapping does not copy to the other sections in some cases.
    265950Schematic read-only option allows modifying the schematic in some cases.
    268734TRIAC Models do not simulate as expected.
    269201PZT2907A and PZT2907A should be PNP components.
    271671.IC and .NODESET commands malfunction if used within .subckt.
    272323Creating a MCU project using external hex does not enable finish until the radio is explicitly clicked.
    273706Naming two or more nodes of a subcircuit with the same name should generate an error.
    273796Unable to rename a RefDes' second character to a capital letter if it is small caps.
    273824Local refdes of connector is not allowed to be used by a component as an "instance" refdes.
    273957The default prefix for a switch should be S instead of J.
    274023Gate optimizer does not work for components with custom section names.
    274179Changing case of refdes can cause trouble with placing multi-section components.
    274359Deleting wire segment clears perferred net name in some cases.
    274388User database template should have more intuitive name.
    274418A part with a family name that has a space causes simulation errors.
    274472Clicking the mouse wheel should pan the document in Multisim.
    274501Replace by subcircuit action on multisection components can change their Refdes in some cases.
    274508Replace by subcircuit of existing subcircuit causes invalid refdes entries to be added for new subcircuit in some cases.
    274656Updating Circuit Components resets RefDes across subcircuits.
    274869Unable to hide the SC symbol name for a bus connector via sheet properties.
    275479X is not placed on common pin of multisection component that is connected to a net after running a gate optimize operation.
    275491Shorting Bus Lines causes crash in some cases.
    275519MCU source file in hierarchical block removed in Design Toolbox does not get removed in different instance and causes crash.
    275616Bus Vector Connect dialog not filled in when first opened.
    275691Potentiometer Not Displaying Increment Precision Digits.
    283843BOM Report to Text is incorrect if the order of the columns is modified.
    285414PWL source with Unicode characters in the path fails to simulate.
    2874391N5619GP diode uses the incorrect simulation model.
    289548JK flip flop in a PLD design does not work as expected.
    291144Duplicate pages show up in a multi-page design when you add it to a project.
    291724Multisim Crashed when non convergent analyses are swept in some cases.
    306485Naming and modifying nets across different instances of a subcircuit can cause Multisim to crash.
    307199Using the digital state machine with a very long file name will cause a crash.
    307472Undo does not undo the bus color change.
    310422A Hierarchical block connector on a multi-page design is not renamed correctly in some cases.
    310826Cancelling the placement of a HB from file will affect the netlist for the opened design.
    311328Multisim crashes when copying a HB that contains a missing HB.
    312095Transfer to Ultiboard of Large Design causes Ultiboard to become unresponsive.
    315461AD8694* components have incorrect footprint pin mappings.
    Ultiboard ( 25 )
    263374Importing an Orcad max file will make the component refdes a part of the footprint's name.
    263473Clearance for elliptical arc drawn improperly.
    263501Active layer should determines which component are selected when components are on both side.
    268476Two vias on top of each other does not cause a DRC error.
    268559Gerber import doesn't draw lines with square arperture definitions correctly.
    269497Unable to export a real circle to DXF.
    269525Save All menu option does not work in Footprint Edit mode.
    270367Elliptical Arc clearance isn't displayed until arc is completed.
    270512Copper area outside the board outline is not removed.
    270534Coordinates doesn't appear after exiting from the 3D viewer.
    271327"Convert Closed Objects To Filled" Is Not Working in some cases.
    271508Change shape command can cause DRC errors and broken boards.
    273482Keep in/Keep out polygons should have polygon list accessible to user.
    273492Keep in/Keep out areas abutting two sides of a board outline causes nonexistant DRC error with power plane.
    273785Unable to change the clearance of a net bridge.
    274247Searching does not find results when in in-place part edit.
    274312A locked rectangle does not show the locked orange border.
    274324Placed net bridge has a value of ?.
    274325Replace part is replacing a netbridge with a normal PCB part.
    274378Saving default layers for a design that has imported layers saves custom layers that cannot be later removed.
    274609Moving land patterns from one database to another doesn't actually delete the data from the source database.
    287628The netbridge trace shorts with copper area in some cases.
    291652Passwords do not protect user/coorporate databases in Ultiboard.
    299398Undoing an action that added layers does not remove the layers.
    308758Switching trace layers causes Ultiboard to crash in some cases.

    © 2011 National Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Under the copyright laws, this publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storing in an information retrieval system, or translating, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of National Instruments Corporation.
    National Instruments, NI, ni.com, and LabVIEW are trademarks of National Instruments Corporation. Electronics Workbench, Multisim and Ultiboard are trademarks of National Instruments. Refer to the Terms of Use section on ni.com/legal for more information about National Instruments trademarks.
    Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.
    The EKV MOST model used in this software was developed, implemented and tested by the Electronics Laboratory (LEG) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
    For patents covering the National Instruments products, refer to the appropriate location: Help» Patents in your software, the patents.txt file on your media, or ni.com/patents.

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